No hate Speech Montenegro


Forum MNE started implementing the project Combatting Hate Speech Online, which is implemented under the auspices of the homonymous campaign at the European level in December 2012.

The first activity done by Forum MNE was the workshop on this topic, and it was implemented with the financial assistance of the European Youth Foundation. The aim of the workshop was creation of the secure basis so that the Internet in Montenegro could provide young people with a secure and democratic place for exchange of ideas, knowledge as well as for re-socialisation. The workshop was conducted in the period from 10 to 12 December 2012 with 20 participants from Montenegro. The workshop allowed participants to find out more about the European campaign and to participate in creation of further activities of the project in Montenegro through interactive program, which combined theory and practice, as well as to learn more about hate speech, ways of its repression, and consequences which hate speech may have on the development of democratic society. Some of the main conclusions from the workshop are the following:

  • Apart from the fact that there is no legal solution in Montenegro regarding this topic, during the preparation of the workshop it was not even possible to find the definition of hate speech and therefore the definition of the Council of Europe was used.
  • It is necessary to legally define this field – especially because young people are in question, whether they are victims or inciters of hate speech on the Internet.
  • Repression of hate speech on the Internet is not possible without the common action of all interested, including schools and parents.

MelihaRamusović, PhD, a creative director of RTV Atlas, gave an interactive lecture on this topic during the workshop. The topic of the lecture was Challenges of Digital Communication with special emphasis on the repression of hate speech on the Internet.

Here you can download the manual created as the workshop product. More information at: