Campaign Information Right Now! Young people are asking!

Forum MNE, in cooperation with Directorate of Youth and Sport, participated in the European campaign on the right of young people to information, which was initiated by ERYICA (European Youth Information and Counselling Agency), with the support of Council of Europe. The campaign lasted from 17th of April 2012 until the end of 2012. The European Day of Youth Information was also celebrated by initiating the campaign.

The campaign aimed at raising awareness among young people, decision makers and media of the right of young people to information as a key precondition to exercise their rights.

The respect of democracy, human rights and fundamental freedoms is covered by the right of young people to access to complete, accurate, objective, understandable and confidential information for all their questions and needs. This right to information is recognised in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Convention on the Rights of the Child, European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, Recommendations N° (90) 7 and CM/Rec (2010)8 on Youth Information of the Council of Europe, as well as in the White Paper on Youth of the European Commission (2001).

Key partners in implementation of the campaign in Montenegro were: Employment Agency – CIPS Podgorica (Centre for Information and Professional Counselling), IOM – International Organisation for Migration, University of Montenegro – Office for the International Cooperation, Ministry of Information Society, Grammar School “Slobodan Škerović”, NGO Youth-Info Montenegro, NGO Kompas, Student Parliament of the University DonjaGorica (UDG), Montenegrin Youth Forum (COF). The campaign was open for involvement of all entities which estimate that involvement in the campaign is significant for their work, services and youth program.

Key events of the campaign in Montenegro:

  • 17th of April –launching the campaign
  • Online form Young people are asking! through which young people were asking questions from different fields, in order to get information on services, mechanisms and programs for exercising their rights in different fields;
  • Photography competition;
  • Activities of young Ambassador of information, facebook page of the campaign, training for young ambassadors from Europe, which was held in Malta – young ambassador from Montenegro, MirhaTahirović, participated in training.
  • Training on quality informing of young people for professionals who deal with youth information with the aim to raise the level of awareness of participants of characteristics of youth informing, empower them for mediation in the field of youth informing, provide set of knowledge and skills necessary for mediation in the field of youth information, improve capacities of professionals working in the field of youth information, facilitate networking and intersectoral cooperation and give support in creation of youth information activity plan.

Agroup of 12 participants was made of people who deal with youth informing and counselling within their profession: pedagogue, librarian, coordinator of youth counselling within Health Centre, advisor for professional development, as well as persons who are active in youth/student organisations (volunteers, educators).

  • Web site was created as a result of activities during European campaign Information right now! Young people are asking! Web site contains significant number of questions young people asked during campaign, as well as answers given with consultations of relevant ministries, institutions, organisations, web sites. Given information provide basic data on related topic and it refers to the manner on which young people can more thoroughly investigate questions and topics of their interest. We thank to ministries and relevant institutions and organizations which gave their support answering to particular questions of young people: University of Montenegro – Office for International Cooperation, Employment Agency – CIPS Podgorica (Centre for Information and Professional Counselling), Ministry of education and sport, Ministry for Information Society and Telecommunications, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Centre “Ljubović”, web site,
  • Promoting campaign in media, on web sites and social networks;
Promoting campaign on events for young people and with young people.