o-nama-logoForum MNE has been active in Montenegro since 2002. It first started out as PRONI Institute for Social Education, then as Forum Syd, and ever since March 2007, it has been Forum MNE. On 28th of March 2007, by the decision of the founding board of Forum MNE and Forum Syd from Sweden, Forum MNE grew from an international project into a national based organization. Forum MNE initiates local strategies for the development of communities, through non-formal education and community youth work.

Since it was founded, Forum MNE has been largely supported by SIDA – Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. Since 2006, Forum MNE developed partnerships with a great number of international as well as national donators, such as ERSTE Foundation, European Commission and Rockefeller Brothers Fund, all the while starting a network on a local, national, and European level.

Forum MNEs national partners are Directorate for Youth and Sport, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Vocational Educational Centre, municipality offices, Parliament of Montenegro etc.

The office of Forum MNE is located in Podgorica, at the address Bratstva i jedinstva 4.

The organisation employs four persons, engages over 15 trainers and youth workers and has a network of about 250 youth workers and 100 volunteers. The organisation is managed by the Committee consisted of five members (in the section Forum MNE/Steering Committee you may find details). An assembly of the organization consists of representatives of young people/group of young people with whom Forum MNE works, partner organisations, civil society and state institutions.

The organisation has developed rules and procedures on human resource management, children protection, insurance of quality of youth work in the community, development of the network of volunteers, organization of education exchanges of young people and volunteers and organization of youth camps. Forum MNE has clear financial procedures and it bases the program of development on participatory developed long-term strategic plans


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A peaceful and just society with young active citizens contributing to its development.

vizijaForum MNE is an organization which develops its vision by supporting the development of young people into conscious, responsible and active individuals and citizens capable of recognizing, seeking and realizing their rights, while contributing the development of a just and peaceful society.

We develop and implement programs and projects which promote: non-formal education, community youth work, youth activism, values of EU and democracy, child and human rights and youth policy. We make every effort so that our programs contribute to the sustainable development, and that our operation is socially responsible.

Forum MNE implements all programs in compliance with its three strategic directions:

  • Creation of the conditions for development and implementation of the Community Youth Work programmes (CYW)
  • Contribution to public policies' development in Montenegro with a specific focus on youth, social and educational policies
  • Creation of conditions for development of social entrepreneurship and promotion of sustainable development and social corporate responsibility.

Through the following programs:

  • Youth work (youth clubs, volunteer programs, youth information)
  • Public policies (local plans of youth actions and impact on other public policies with the focus on education)
  • Sustainable development/social entrepreneurship (social and civil responsibility)

Forum-MNE---ElviraElvira Hadžibegović - Bubanja
Executive Director

Elvira is communicologist/community youth worker. She finished her education in Novi Sad and Sweden. She has been working in Forum MNE for six years now. She is professionally trained for work with teachers on the development of their key competences for the lifelong learning, and all with the aim of development of key competences of young people.

She is motivated by acquiring new knowledge and skills (as much as it sounded as a cliché) and she truly believes that without continuous investment in our competences we will not be able to deal with the future.

She started her training career and love towards education in the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent when she was 18 and ever since she has been enjoying her training work.

She has lived all over ex-Yugoslavia and she is very proud of her colourful childhood in peaceful and war conditions. What you certainly didn't know about her is that she is a mother of two schoolchildren, aunt of three preschool children, paediatrician nurse, sometimes guest of female talk show and many other things...

And yes, the most important, she believes that young people of Montenegro will raise their voice one day... maybe revolution will begin...

Forum-MNE---TamaraTamara Čirgić
Programme Manager

Tamara is from Podgorica. She graduated English language and literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Nikšić, and by vocation she is a youth worker. She acquired education and experience in youth work through certified programs of the Jonkoping University from Sweden, as well as through 13 years of experience in this field on national, as well as international projects, directly working with young people in the field of professionalization of youth work, as well as development of curriculum of youth work in the field of formal and non-formal education. Tamara is a trainer in community youth work and certified trainer for Writing Effective Policy Papers. At the same time, she is an author and co-author of several publications and manuals: Youth Work in Montenegro, International Youth Visits and Exchanges, Development of Local Plans of Youth Action, Youth Work in the Community: Examples of Good Practice, Vocation of Youth Worker and Repression of Hate Speech on the Internet. She likes travelling, sea and music. She has a son Damir with Adnan.

Forum-MNE---DrženDražen Rajković
Financial Manager

Dražen is an economist in the business administration and entrepreneurship with a long-time work experience in business and non-governmental sector. His hobbies are football and travelling. He has daughters Lucia and Matea with Megi.





Forum-MNE---Jelena-FJelena Fuštić
Project Coordinator

Jelena graduated specialist studies at the Faculty of Metallurgy and Technology in 2010, course of study environmental protection in Podgorica. She has been employed in Forum MNE since January 2013, among others, at the project "Youth for Green Montenegro" through which she gained experience and knowledge, not only in the field of environment but also in work with young people through organisation of educational workshops at high schools.

She thinks that with her work she contributes to the development of healthy environment and her aim is to spread her mission of socially responsible behavior towards the environment.

  • Dragutin Šćekić, headmaster of primary school„Veljko Drobnjaković", Risan;
  • Željko Korać, Bureau for Educational Services, Ministry of Education of Montenegro;
  • Ivana Vučinič, Centre for Vocational Education, Ministry of Education of Montenegro;
  • Jelena Kulidžan, journalist, RTV „Vijesti";
  • Željko Bojović, Employment Agency of Montenegro

skupstinaFunction of Assembly

The function of Assembly is, first of all, related to the presentation of diversity of membership and their specific needs, as well as to verification of organisation work based on membership. Any person with Montenegrin citizenship, as well as with foreign citizenship residing in Montenegro and legal entity (organization) through representatives may become an individual member of the organisation, by active participation in activities of organisation, accepting principles and the Statute of organisation and signing the application form of the organisation. Representatives in the Assembly are selected through non-discriminatory democratic process. The Assembly is convened when necessary, at least once a year, when it approves reports on financial operations and program activities and adopts plans for the following period, appoints members of Steering Committee, confirms appointment of director of organisation and adopts guidelines for organisation development.

The Steering Committee is body consisted of five persons and it has the role of strategic leading of organisation according to guidelines adopted at the assembly and it is in charge of submitting annual reports and plans for the final adoption by the Assembly.