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Civil society members do not stand behind the Draft Law on Youth that was put to public discussion

Civil society representatives in the working group for drafting the Law on Youth, established by The Ministry of Sport, use this opportunity to inform interested public that we do not agree with the Draft that has been put to discussion.

Draft Law on Youth that has been put to public discussion is not the product of the joint work by governmental and non-governmental members of the working group, but exclusively the product of the independent work by the relevant Ministry.

Namely, representatives of the Ministry of Sport within the working group for the creation of the Draft Law on Youth have independently developed draft, while the civil society representatives were given 15 working hours to consult the rest of the civil sector and submit their comments.

Comments sent by the civil society have undoubtedly expressed disagreement with the solutions proposed by the Draft and warned that the Draft needs to be substantially amended, which did not pose an obstacle for the Ministry of Sport to continue with the process and make the Draft available for public discussion.

Civil society representatives in the working group were:

- Elvira Hadžibegovid Bubanja, Forum MNE

- Marija Stajovic, Juventas

- Dunja Samardžić, Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro

The main aim of the Law on Youth is improvement of the social position of young people and creation of the enabling environment for achieving their needs and potentials. Given the fact that the proposed Draft does not fulfil the main aim, we invite all of the young people, as well as the civil society and other interested public to take part in the public discussion and help Montenegrin youth finally get a legal document they deserve.