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National laboratories for social innovations

DSCF7491Forum MNE organized two ‘’National laboratories for social innovations’’ on 30. and 31. of March, as part of the ‘’Divided Past-Joint Future’’ project.

National labs gathered more than 80 representatives of public administration, small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurs, media, civil society, youth, etc. They were dealing with the topics concerning regional reconciliation and peace-building, but through a prism of innovative social tools and methods.

Participants were encouraged to develop their entrepreneurial and business ideas that could lead to achievement of better regional cooperation and overcoming the obstacles and prejudices from the past. One of the topics covered was the importance of inter-sector cooperation in this area. Workshops were led by youth workers Kristina Cetkovic and Sabra Decevic.

These workshops were organized in all of the countries which participate in the project.

Project ‘’Divided Past-Joint Future’’ is dealing with the process of reconciliation in the Western Balkans and the role civil society has in this process. It started on January 1st 2016 and it is implemented by 18 partners through project consortium made by CSOs, think-tanks, foundations, Erasmus NA as well as 13 business associates. In the following period, open call for small grants program will be published.