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Forum MNE organized intercultural exchange

23031700 1543499649062993 880839282255401710 n40 students from Gymnasium „Slobodan Škerović“ in Podgorica, participated in the Intercultural Exchange Program organized by Forum MNE in cooperation with Pestalozzi Children's Foundation (www.pestalozzi.ch). The participants were accommodated in the Children's Village in Trogen, from 2nd to 16th of February, together with a group of their peers from Macedonia.

Pestalozzi Children's Foundation is working all around the world and it is currently active in 4 regions: Central America, Southeast Asia, East Africa and Southeast Europe. Concretely, this Intercultural Exchange Program involves around 1000 children, youth and adults, on an annual basis. This was the first time they organized an exchange with Montenegro, and their partner was Forum MNE as an organisation with 15 years of experience in youth work and organization of activities similar to this one.

As this was an educational exchange, young people had the opportunity to learn more about intercultural education, human rights, non- violent communication, anti- discrimination, civil courage, identity and topics similar to these ones, which are going to empower them to become active citizens. Besides that, they got the chance to spend their free time with the group of students from Macedonia, to present our culture and learn about others, to go on excursions and see some of the most beautiful places in Switzerland, such as: Zurich, Lucerne, St. Gallen..

Knowledge and experinces they gathered throughout those 16 days, students shared after returning to Montenegro with they peers, in order to ensure that as many young people as possible is involved in the program.