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Forum MNE conducted the research on reconciliation and peace building

Forum MNE has begun with the implementation of the first phase of the project Divided Past – Joint Future that envisages research. Altogether, 7 focus groups was realised with more than 60 participants. The participants were representatives of citizens, business sector, public sector and civil society organizations.


During the focus groups’ discussions, all of them presented their opinions and attitudes in reagards to process of reconciliation in both Montenegro and the region. Thus, they discussed various issues related to reconciliation – meaning of reconciliation, role of different actors and stakeholders in this process and the ways in which this process can be supported.

Based on the gain results, the forthcoming project’s activities will be planned. In Montenegro, Forum MNE conducted the focus groups in Podgorica, the capital, and in Rozaje (as a municipality marked by a war crime from 90s Kaludjerski Laz).

What isDivided Past, Joint Future?

Regional four years’ long initiative gathering 18 organizations from 7 countries from the Western Balkans and Turkey with associated partners from Slovenia, Croatia and Austria. The aim of the project is creating strong sustainable inter-sector platform for cooperation in field of implementing peace building policies through innovative mechanisms.