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The first Law on Youth adopted in the Parliament

Following two years’ process, finally MPs of the Montenegrin Parliament adopted the first Law on Youth. The Law will regulate areas of Youth Policy, Youth Work and will define stakeholders that participate in the development and implementation of youth policy in Montenegro.

Young people are considered to be persons that are between 15 and 30 years old. For the first time, the Law is defining activities related to youth policy, youth work and institutional care

for young people. It regulates models and manners of financing youth activities and initiatives on both local and national level. The Law is defining main values on which youth policy is based – equality, volunteerism, solidarity, partnership.

In accordance with the Law, national strategies, as well as local strategies, are to be developed and aimed at providing young people on these levels with structural care. National Strategy is developed by the Government for the period of five years based on the request from the Directorate of Youth and Sports.

On behalf of Forum MNE, one of the members of the working group for the creation of Law on Youth was Elvira Hadžibegović Bubanja, the Executive Director.